Super Bowl XLVII, Temple Made

Bernie Pierce, Temple Made.

Bernie Pierce, Temple Made.

The Super Bowl’s easily the biggest game of the year, without question. It’s the biggest stage in the world. For one day, every American sits down and watches the same game at the same time. And I never miss a second.

It’s always a little painful as an Eagles fan to watch the big game. Super Bowl XXXIX was about as good as it’s ever going to get, and even then Donovan McNabb threw up in the huddle in the fourth quarter and we lost by three. No rings, No Lombardi trophy, no parade. Ever.

So instead, I mostly never cheer for teams, and instead cheer for former Eagles or players I enjoy watching. This year was no exception. I didn’t care too much what team won, but instead, cheered for a player on each side. David Akers, one of the Eagles best kickers of all time, was kicking for the 49ers, and Temple alum Bernie Pierce was the running back for the Ravens.

I was so excited to see them touch the field, although I might have been just excited for Beyoncé’s halftime show! Dom, accepting my terrible love for Queen Bey, sent me Beyoncé Bingo a few hours before kickoff. With spaces for songs she might play, a rumored Destiny’s Child reunion, choreography, wardrobe choices, and alleged Illuminati signs, I couldn’t wait to print off the bingo board and play. While I couldn’t convince my mom or brother (or even the dog) to play with me, I had a blast and quite scared my mom screaming “Bingo!” as soon as Beyoncé started with “Single Ladies.”

Connor, Dom, and I had a great time surveying Twitter for the funniest tweets about the halftime show and the blackout, and they even teased me for my terrible singing and dancing, knowing full well how horrific it was without being there. Even if Connor didn’t appreciate the “Can you pay my bills? Can you pay my telephone bills? Can you pay my Superdome bills?” tweet I found, referencing Destiny’s Child’s “Bills Bills Bills,” at least Dom got a hefty laugh out of it and we were all still able to watch the game together, which I loved.

By far the coolest moment of the night was seeing Bernie Pierce lift up that championship banner, knowing a TUFB rookie had just garnered a Super Bowl ring. Being Temple Made can definitely accomplish some amazing things! Let’s hope he brings the Lombardi Trophy to 10th and Diamond sometime soon!

Congrats, Bernard! #TempleMade


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