Six months was way too long, but our smiles say it all.

Six months was way too long, but our smiles say it all.

When you live next door to someone for three months and end up spending nearly every part of every day together, it’s really hard to say goodbye. But what’s almost harder, I discovered, was starting a new daily routine that didn’t include seeing them every day. I hadn’t seen my best friend since the end of August, since we said goodbye after our unforgettable summer in Colorado Springs. Connor, Dom, and I still talk every day, still skype all the time, and they’re still my best friends.

Connor’s brother, Evan, is a freshman playing basketball at the University of Virginia. With an away game at the Comcast Center in Maryland and Connor making the trip with his mom, we decided it was the perfect time for a reunion. After three hours in the car, I finally got the biggest hug from my best friend, although I definitely forgot how high I had to stand on my toes to reach 6’6″…

After eating some doughnuts and catching up, we picked up Connor’s mom and drove to the campus for the game. After taking a few laps around the arena while the teams warmed up and laughing as hard as we used to, we settled into our seats. It was going to be a huge game. Winning on the road in the ACC is no small feat, and with both teams labeled by Joe Lunardi as “last four out” in the Big Dance, we were hoping for a UVA win. The team’s really impressed me this year and forced the opposition to play at their pace. They had as much a shot as anyone.

The Comcast Center was unbelievably loud with 16,000 Terps fans in the house, but the Wahoos didn’t let the crowd get to them and pulled out a convincing win, 80-69. Evan was great with two threes, 8pts, five boards, and three assists. After the game, I met Evan and his teammates, who were so excited about getting such a big W. Though, for me, after hearing about Connor’s family for months and watching countless UVA games, I was excited to see him and Evan together, and they were just as animated and goofy together as I knew they’d be.

When I finally got back to Pennsylvania, it sunk in that I’d only seen my best friend for one day in the past six months. And while that was disheartening, I thought about the incredible day I’d had. There wasn’t even all that much catching up to do; we talk every day and were already pretty caught up on each other’s lives. What I loved the most was walking next to my best friend, laughing together, and seeing him smile in person. We weren’t reminiscing on old memories; we were much too busy making new ones. And Dom? Next time, we’re dragging you along, too! So, I’ll talk to you both in…a few minutes, right? Nifty! 😉

After hugging Connor’s brother and mom goodbye came the one hug I’d been dreading all day. It’s always hard saying goodbye, but I had a fantastic day and I know it won’t be too long before we have some more fantastic days together.



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