Happy Birthday, Quadruplets

Eleanor, Caroline, Charlie, and Owen...my favorite quadruplets!

Eleanor, Caroline, Charlie, and Owen…my favorite quadruplets!

“Monica’s pregnant!” My mom exclaimed on the phone a few months ago after a long night working.

“Monica’s having a baby?!”

“More than one…”

“Twins?! Monica’s having twins?”

“Keep going…”


“Keep going…”

“Yeah, right. As if she’s having four babies…you’re lying.”

Well, my mom was not lying. After calling my grandfather to confirm my mom’s crazy story, my cousin, Monica, and her husband, Bryan, were indeed going to have quadruplets in the spring. Everyone was beyond excited; four more new additions to the family…at once!

While most times I hate sitting at home all day, applying for jobs and watching Boy Meets World and Dawson’s Creek reruns with Herbie, my timing was really fortunate. With Monica in the hospital since before Christmas, and a free schedule on my end, I was able to go up and visit her whenever I wanted and just hang out, something we rarely get to do. I’d definitely say I’ve had a blast on those visits, but I’m not sure Monica would consider being cooped up in the hospital for two and a half months “a blast.”

Finally, March 9th was the day. After getting to the hospital with my parents, pink and blue cupcakes in hand, we sat in the cafeteria with my aunts and uncles, my grandfather, and Bryan’s parents, waiting to get an update on Monica and the quads. Everyone was healthy and doing great, and it wouldn’t be more than a few hours before we could see them.

Bryan took us back in shifts to see them, and the babies were so breathtaking. We met Eleanor, Caroline, Charlie, and Owen, and, of course, I, scarcely to be found out and about without my camera, was snapping away like crazy. They were so tiny, so precious, and so adorable…although I kept having to nudge my uncle and ask which baby I was oogling at! While in the NICU, one of the nurses told us that Monica and Bryan had the first quadruplets the hospital’s had in eighteen years, which is quite an impressive record to break, considering it’s a women and babies’ hospital!

I was just excited to get to see them, take a million pictures, and share that big day with Monica, Bryan, and my family! There’s something about babies that just puts a big smile on your face and fills the world with hope, and with four new babies, it was four times… well, everything!

Happy Birthday, Eleanor, Caroline, Charlie, and Owen!


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