Monica’s Bab(ies) Shower

The ultimate March Madness...but I've got the best Final Four picks any bracket could muster.

The ultimate March Madness…but I’ve got the best Final Four picks any bracket could muster.

All four carseats sitting on the couch, lined up one next to the other, with not an inch to spare–that was one of the most exciting moments for me since the quadruplets were born. Our family has four new babies. Yep. It’s still a jaw-dropper.

I’d seen them all side by side, crib by crib, a few times before in the hospital, but this was exciting. With Charlie, Caroline, and Eleanor released earlier in the week, we received such a happy, unexpected surprise to have Owen home just in time for Monica’s shower.

After a quick visit at my grandfather’s house (and to check the score of the VCU-Michigan game, of course), my mom and I made the quick drive over to the party. Bryan dropped off Monica and the quads at my cousin, Mary’s, house to celebrate and we ate while talking with Monica and oogling over the quads, asleep in their carriers. Mary had the cutest shower decorations, with baby outfits hanging on clotheslines around the rooms, and Hershey’s bars with “HE” and “SHE” outlined in blue and pink.

I got to spend time catching up with my aunts and my cousins, Samantha, Caitlin, and Melissa, which I rarely get the chance to do, and everyone got a chance to hold a baby–and with four babies, there was no need to subtly inch closer and hint that you wanted to hold the baby next.

I can’t pick favorites with the quads, but somehow I’ve ended up holding Charlie a few times now, though I’m certainly not complaining! It’s easily one of my favorite things in the world and I could hold any of them for hours and not bat an eye.

It was such a fun afternoon, and I’m so, so excited I’m going to be able to spend so much time helping Monica and Bryan out with my favorite quads!

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