Spring Soccer on Hawk Hill

The Temple Owls took on St. Joe's Hawks in the shadow of Barbelin Hall.

The Temple Owls took on St. Joe’s Hawks in the shadow of Barbelin Hall.

Sure, I was on St. Joe’s campus to watch my sister and the Temple Owls play the Hawks on Sunday afternoon, but I was pretty distracted.

I was across the parking lot from Hagan Arena, the college basketball arena I was conditioned over the past four years to hate the most. Then there was the huge mural of Jameer Nelson, one of the most decorated Hawks in history. And then, it was an Open House for the university’s accepted students.

And that’s when I made the most shocking observation of all: the tour guides walk backwards.

And I disliked St. Joe’s just thismuch more.

I spent most of the first half stalking out the tour guides, mocking them, complaining to my parents. (#TourGuideProblems is a real thing. People think we’re crazy for how protective we are, but it’s a big deal. The tour-guide-mode struggle is real, folks. The struggle is real.) But when the Owls took the field, the tour guides were forgotten (except when I’d gasp and point excitedly to my mom that there was another one walking backwards), and were the biggest cheerleaders there.

My sister plays club soccer for Temple, which allows her to travel all over and compete against other local colleges. After turning down numerous DI scholarship offers to play all over the country to pursue her architecture degree, she took up club as a way to keep playing the game she loves.

The Owls took an early 1-0 lead before their goalie was involved in a nasty collision and had to be carted off the field for a possible concussion, taking with her any lingering doubt that college club soccer was any less competitive than DI. When play resumed, the Owls responded to a quick strike from the Hawks, and took the W, 2-1.

The weather was a little chilly, but without a cloud in the sky, it was the perfect day to spend outside…and a great excuse to get out of mulching the yard! Plus, the Owls beat one of our biggest arch-rivals on their home turf!

Go Owls!


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