Post-Broad-Streeter Sunday Dinner

Perfect way to end the Broad Street Run...home-cooked meal with Rachel!

Perfect way to end the Broad Street Run…a home-cooked meal with Rachel!

I didn’t run Broad Street yesterday, but it sure felt like I did. After waking up early, unloading medals in the freezing cold, and spending all day with a smile stuck on my face as I congratulated the finishers, I was tired. But spending a day in the city is rarely complete without a stop at Rachel’s apartment, which served as the best post-race recovery.

Rachel and I met as Owl Team Leaders working summer orientations at Temple a few summers ago and we just clicked. We’re both a little quirky, love sweatpants and dorky boy bands…and are huge addicts of Philly Flavors ice cream on Fairmount! She quickly became my closest friend at school, and even after graduation, I make sure to visit when I can.

After the Broad Street Run in the morning and lunch at my sister’s, I drove to Rachel’s for her weekly Sunday Dinner tradition, where her and her roommates, Jeff and Monika, cook an entrée and their friends bring a side dish or dessert. About ten of us, including three Broad Streeters who had run the race earlier in the day, gathered to eat vegetarian chili, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, garlic bread, and chicken while watching Iron Man and Iron Man 2.

Saturday night, mom made a delicious batch of root beer float cupcakes, which definitely satisfied my sweet tooth and were a hit at Sunday dinner. With their frosting and decorative straws that truly make them look like root beer floats, Jeff decided to trick as many dinner guests as he could by “drinking” out of his cupcake and seeing who would follow! A few definitely fell for it, giving us all a good laugh!

It was so great to catch up with Rachel and enjoy a nice meal after Broad Street!


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