Temple Leadership Awards Ceremony

Lauren told me today, "You're stuck with me." But I'm certainly lucky I am. Such an incredible mentor!

Lauren told me today, “You’re stuck with me.” But I’m certainly lucky I am. I have such an incredible mentor in her!

I’ve been a Diamond Leader at Temple for as long as I can remember. By pure coincidence, I moved into the Leadership Living Learning Community in White Hall my freshman year. After that, it was a slippery slope. I started attending conferences, movie nights, workshops, retreats, and seminars, and was quickly getting addicted to the Office of Leadership Development.

I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot as a Diamond Leaders; I attended a service immersion trip to Camden, I was selected as a participant to the Leadershape Institute, and I was chosen as Diamond Leader of the Year as a sophomore, an awesome moment. Safe to say, I absolutely owe my confidence at Temple to this program. And in February, I was honored to wear my Diamond Leader medal when I gave the university’s Commencement speech.

Every year, the Office of Leadership Development and Student Activities hold their annual awards ceremony. After graduating in February, the last thing I expected to see in my inbox early last week was an invitation to the program. I didn’t know what the ceremony would have in store for me, but I was excited. My parents were excited for me, too, and we drove down to school.

After making a quick visit to the Welcome Center to say hi to Niki and the Owl Ambassadors, my parents and I walked to the Student Center, where I was eager to introduce them to Lauren Bullock, the Director of Leadership Development. Lauren, a former Sports Information Director, has been a great mentor to me–not just in leadership, but also in sports and with career advice. Lauren told us during the ceremony that we had her for life, and I’m certainly lucky to have someone so encouraging and supportive as our leadership director!

I was able to catch up with some of my favorite Diamond Leaders, and we reminisced that it’s nearly been an entire year since the incredible week we spent at the Leadershape Institute. Although I had graduated with the Class of 2012, I was recognized as a graduate of the program and ceremoniously received my Diamond Leader medallion, the mark of the program’s completion.

I may have already worn my medal at graduation, but it was still exciting to be recognized as a graduate of the program and to share that moment with my parents. My mom was the one who encouraged me to get involved with the leadership program at TU after feeling so lost those first few weeks on campus and it’s only brought confidence, strength, and knowledge, and I owe a lot to my experience as a Diamond Leader. You know what they say…mom is indeed always right! I may not have found my path after Temple just yet, but I know that being a DL has given me a great head start and given me the confidence to do so many incredible things, already. I owe so much to this program, which truly helped me become Temple Made…so thank you, Mom!


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