Sesame Place Classic

My sister...the 2013 Sesame Place Classic 5K champ!

My sister…the 2013 Sesame Place Classic 5K champ!

Bucks County is famous for a lot of things. General George Washington (yes, that George Washington) crossed the Delaware on Christmas morning here. Edward Hicks painted The Peaceable Kingdom here. The starting point of Penn’s Walking Purchase was here. The oldest movie theater in America is here. But the little kids who visit Bucks County aren’t impressed by all that. All they’re interested in is one attraction: Sesame Place.

The Sesame Street-themed water and amusement park is the highlight of every toddler’s summer up and down the east coast; the iconic Rubber Ducky slide can be seen towering over the park. And every year, Sesame Place hosts the Courier-Kiwanis Sesame Place Classic Run at nearby Middle Bucks Institute of Technology. The 5K race benefits the Dick Dougherty Scholarship Fund, granting money to college-bound seniors at the county’s high schools, and, in return, runners get a one-day pass to Sesame Place with their race bib.

I knew a lot of cross country runners that would participate in high school, but this year, for the first time, my sister, after sitting out the Broad Street Run, would run. I met my mom and sister at Conwell-Egan Catholic High School around 8:40 this morning, as the runners stretched in the pouring rain. At only 55 degrees, it certainly didn’t feel like mid-May in Philadelphia.

At 9am, everyone lined up under the firetruck ladders and set off at the sound of the trucks’ sirens. Meghan crossed the halfway point, commanding second place of the females. In the cold, steady downpour, her muscles tightened up and she was forced to slow up. She crossed the finish line as the 4th female, 20th overall.

When the official results were processed, we learned Meghan had also won the women’s 19-29 year old division and her roommate, Emily, had come in second, both placing similarly to their finishes at the Temple Alumni Weekend 5K race.

Despite my mom and I both wearing galoshes, thick socks, and heavy windbreakers, we were both pretty cold watching Meghan and Emily race, but it was fun seeing Meghan win…even if my iPhone got a little wet. Even through the rain, everyone had a great time, especially the little kids, jumping in the puddles.

After wins at the Temple Alumni Weekend 5K and the Sesame Place Classic 5K, I think it’s safe to say Sissy’s conquered the 5K distance. She’s entering the Philadelphia Marathon in November…and I already smell a win at that level, too! Go Sissykins!


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