Melted Crayon Art

One of my better melted crayon arts...LOVE Park in Philadelphia!

One of my better melted crayon arts…LOVE Park in Philadelphia!

In December, when I made my first DIY craft, Instagram coasters, I professed I’m not a crafter. I’m not on Pinterest. And I’m still not a crafter. I’m still not on Pinterest. But I’m warming up to crafting, and love the satisfaction you get from making something you’ll use from scratch, so I picked a new project.

When deciding on Christmas gifts, the two ideas I found were the Instagram coasters I ended up making and melted crayon art. I thought it looked childish and creative at the same time, and for the person who plans everything years in advance, the unpredictability of how the crayon would melt was exhilarating.

With my brother’s graduation from Council Rock North coming up, I decided he’d be the perfect guinea pig, and I would attempt to make the logo of Drexel University, the school he’ll be attending in September. I hit up Michael’s for canvas, and having never bought canvas before, I had no idea how much I could expect to spend. I walked out with seven canvasses for $15, and then went to Five Below (the northeast equivalent of the dollar store), where 24-packs of Crayola crayons were $1 each.

I then printed out the logos of each shape I wanted to make: the iconic DU logo for Jeremy and the LOVE Park statue for Mother’s Day. I made a lattice of painter’s tape and then fixed the cutout to the lattice, using an exacto knife to cut it out, leaving a border of tape so it would stick to the canvas.

The painter’s tape didn’t stick well to the canvas, so the next one I made, I used masking tape and traced a stencil on top, which worked much better for the more complicated designs. I loved the iconic Crayola logo, so I lined up the crayons in the colors I wanted at the top of the canvas, with the logo facing outward, gluing them with ModgePodge.

Then comes the tedious part…how-tos I read online said it would take a while for the crayons to melt, but I wasn’t expecting over an hour and a half for each canvas. I held a hairdryer to the middle of each section of crayons until the wax started to run. The wax splatters, which I wasn’t expecting, and with a big logo like the DU letters, ensuring you melt the wax all the way to the bottom, off of the stencil.

The end result for the Drexel art wasn’t the best, primarily because of how I didn’t yet realize I should have melted the crayon far past the stencil to get the full effect. My sister and I have decided to outline the letters more prominently and add a Drexel Dragon stencil to the bottom to emphasize that it’s indeed a Drexel logo.

But the way the colors ran was fantastic and I loved the final product of each canvas I made.  The more canvasses I made, the better they looked. I made a few more pieces than these two, but they’re surprises, and so until they’re delivered, will remain secret. My mom really loved her’s (it’s hanging in her cubicle at work now) and my brother…well, my brother doesn’t read my blog, so I’m thinking my surprise gift secret is pretty safe on here.

Until my next craft!


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