Jeremy’s Graduation Party

The end of an era.

The end of an era.

My brother, sister, and I didn’t have too many teachers who taught all three of us in high school. But one who did was stunned on Thursday, realizing it was time for the last Higgins to leave the halls of Council Rock North. “The end of an era,” he called it. On Wednesday, Jeremy will receive his diploma, but before he leaves for Drexel University in the fall, we had to celebrate.

After running into town to pick up CRN balloons and flowers, and catching some of the US Open at nearby Merion, our family was quick to arrive. After my grandparents came my aunts and uncles and cousins, followed by my grandfather, toting three of the four quadruplets.

Some of the most fun came when our family friends, the Risley and Micciolo families, arrived. Mr. Micciolo and my uncle did crew together at Father Judge High School, and Jessica, his daughter, is one of my oldest friends. The Micciolos’ neighbors, the Risleys, have a son who is the same age as my brother and Jessica’s brother, and they’ve been best friends as long as I can remember. Small world, huh? The Risleys made a poster board for Jeremy, recounting Sam and Jeremy’s friendship and all the travels they’ve had together. Though we seemed to move a lot when I was younger, it’s been wonderful to have two families we’ve always connected with despite our family’s bouncing around the country.

With potential thunderstorms in the forecast, we lucked out with mere gusts of wind and cloudy skies. An afternoon of catching up with my cousins and friends quickly disappeared, but we definitely got some priceless pictures in the process.

Rock North’s been such a huge part of our lives for the past eight years, it will be strange without volleyball games to attend, teachers to visit, and classes to crash. The last Higgins has walked those halls for the last time. But we’re each on to new adventures, and I’ll always carry a piece of the Rock with me, as I know Meghan and Jeremy will, too! It’s bittersweet; we’re growing up, but so many new journeys await us!

We’ll just see how long my parents can handle being empty-nesters before they miss our noise too much! 😉

Congratulations, Jeremy!


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