Baptizing the Quadruplets

Monsignor, Bryan, and Monica hold the quads.

Bryan, Monsignor, and Monica hold the quadruplets after they were baptized in Lancaster this weekend.

Time has been flying by. It feels like yesterday I was hanging out with Monica in the hospital, waiting to meet the four new additions to our family. And with Charlie, Eleanor, Caroline, and Owen almost five months old, it was finally time to celebrate their baptism.

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time with the quads almost each week since they were born and watch them grow and develop such incredibly different personalities. Caroline’s so calm, Owen’s a thinker, Ellie’s feisty, and Charlie’s the big cuddler. They’ve all been smiling and wiggling and squirming and growing much faster than I’m ready for!

After my aunt, uncle, and cousins passed us on the Turnpike, we arrived at the church midday Sunday and were met by my grandfather and cousins, everyone awaiting the arrival of our little celebrities.

Monsignor Youtz was so excited to baptize the quads, noting that they were the first set of quadruplets he’s ever baptized and the first quads to be baptized in the diocese. There were a lot of giggles during the service when all four would start wailing at once, or when Monsignor would check the name with the godparents before reciting prayers to prevent calling a baby by the wrong name, or when all four were quiet and then my cousin’s one-year-old son, Finn, would start crying. We’ve had so many great memories in that church, the quads’ baptism was just one more added to the list.

After taking a million pictures, we went back to Mon and Bryan’s for sandwiches and sweets, and with my aunt and mom holding the babies hostage, I got to hang out with my cousins, which is always one of my favorite things to do. I always go to each one with something different and when we all get together, you never know what you’ll be dying of laughter over.

These four little people so quickly wormed their way into my heart and I was so excited to share this special day with them!


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