DIY String Art, Temple Made

DIY string art. #TempleMade.

DIY string art. #TempleMade.

I may not be a Tyler student, but I certainly had some Temple T crafts up my sleeve. For months since I got the crafting bug, I’ve been looking for some perfect Owl crafts to display my Temple love, knowing a Temple-themed DIY craft would be rare. Settling for an entirely different craft, I was impressed by the DIY state-themed string art I was finding on the internet, and began gathering materials to make one.

I planned to make a string art around an outline of the state of Pennsylvania, but I wanted a background with meaning, and the Temple T, my alma mater’s iconic logo, seemed to fit that perfectly. I even cut out a stencil of Pennsylvania before deciding I would rather have a Temple T as the part of the piece that really pops.

One of the most difficult parts for me was hammering in all the nails without others coming loose. But after my dad lent me his craftsman’s workbench, it was much easier to gain leverage and make sure they were all solidly in place.

Next time, I won’t go with such a graphic-heavy background, as it made it difficult to see the string and appreciate the 3D nature. But the depth of the craft was fantastic, and was a really unique way to display a Temple T. From each different angle, it looks better and better, and it’s certainly one of the crazier, creative pieces I’ve made.

And who said there were no Temple University DIY crafts out there?! So here you go, fellow Owls! This one’s for you! I truly made a craft that’s #TempleMade!

I’ve included the step-by-step photo tutorial below.



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