It’ll Always Be Sunny in Philadelphia

21July2013-11I’ve called a lot of places “home” over the years. A lot. But I’m coming to realize that Philadelphia’s always going to be the spot I hold onto the hardest. And I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye.

As I get ready to move to Atlanta, taking a position with Turner Sports and the NCAA, I had to say one last goodbye to my home, my college, my city, and my best friend at Temple.

Rachel and I met working as Owl Team Leaders, working with the freshman during their summer orientation to Temple. It was a crazy, hectic, sleepless, incredible summer, and the time when I really fell in love with living in Philadelphia. And despite moves to London and Colorado, Rachel’s remained one of my closest, dearest, best friends.

That summer during Owl Team, we spent almost every day off walking into Center City, finding something free to do. Concerts on the Parkway, festivals at Penn’s Landing, or just fun walks, our sneakers were logging lots of miles. And so for our final visit before the big move, there was only one thing to do…walk. Rachel made French toast around 10:30 and by 11, we set off from 17th and Master down into town, chatting the whole way and catching up, with perfect weather on our side.

We visited some of our old favorites like Independence Hall, City Hall, LOVE Park, the Art Museum steps (Be forewarned: if you ever run up the Art Museum steps and have your friends film you while your phone blares “Eye of the Tiger” or the Rocky theme song, I will roll my eyes at you and judge) and the Ben Franklin Parkway, and enjoyed some new stops like the One Direction pop-up shop and Eakins Oval Beach pop-up park, even stopping to grab our favorite milkshakes at our favorite ice cream place. Which ice cream place is our favorite and, therefore, obviously the best in the city, you ask? Well, I can’t spill all my secrets! Don’t come between a Pennsylvanian and her ice cream!

When we ended the day by eating pizza on the Art Museum steps, it was the perfect way to say goodbye to Philly. It was the best goodbye I could have imagined, spending the whole day with Rachel, catching up with one of my favorite people. It’s far from the last time I’ll find myself in the City of Brotherly Love, but it’s the last time for a while. I move around a lot, but I’ll always have a home base here.

I’m an Owl, after all, and Owls always find their way.


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