One Direction’s Philadelphia Pop-Up Shop

One Direction's 1D World pop-up shop opened in Philadelphia on July 13th.

One Direction’s 1D World pop-up shop opened in Philadelphia on July 13th.

Philly can often get lost in the sea of metropolises lining the eastern seaboard. But some of Britain’s biggest pop stars took notice and rewarded their fans stateside with a unique pop-up shop, opening July 13th. I caught wind of the store as one of my fellow Owl Ambassadors, Dani Masi, posted on Instagram a shot of the storefront last week, and knew I’d have to go check it out if I got the chance.

When I studied abroad in London, One Direction were the teeny bopper boy band you felt guilty listening to, but were too catchy to ignore. As I brought them Stateside on my iPod, their popularity soon followed, and every American teenager now knows 1D.

Rachel and I laughed that we needed to include this on our itinerary for the day, but refused to skip the shop at 15th and Walnut, not knowing what to expect. The shop, which opened on July 13th, is one stop on a global tour of 1D pop-up shops.

The store was swarmed with people taking goofy pictures outside and giddy teenagers inside. With massive lines of fans, eager to grab their 1D gear, 1D songs pumped through the speakers as television screens showed music videos and concert footage of the band. Rachel and I stayed long enough to soak it all in, take some pictures, text them to our friends and family, and it was certainly something different for Center City.


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