Instagram Coasters, Part II

All the finished Instagram coasters, ready for delivery.

All the finished Instagram coasters, ready for delivery. Photo tutorial below.

As I get ready to move off on my own, I knew I wanted cute, crafty ways to display all my photos. I fell in love with the idea that my personal photos could be used as such a useful, functional item. At Christmas, I used my friends’ personal Instagrams–already cropped into squares and with the effects they liked–to make them coasters, and Instagrammed pictures for my family, who hadn’t yet adopted the platform. They were a hit, and after I made tons of Instagram coasters for my family and friends, I knew I had to repeat the craft for my new apartment.

My cousin had asked me months ago to make her some of the newborn quadruplets, so it was a great time to knock both out. She and I had staged a little photoshoot with them at home months ago, but never found a great use for the pictures, so I incorporated her and her husband’s favorites into the mix. All the pictures in her house have a black and white theme, so I made them to fit, all in black in white.

For mine, I used some of my favorite pictures from travelling and from college. My favorite coaster, though, is one of the new Thierry Henry statue outside the Emirates stadium in London, installed while I was living steps away in Islington, London. As a huge Arsenal FC fan, it’s one of my favorite places in the world, of one of my favorite players in the world. I know that’s the coaster I’ll be using to hold my cuppa tea (in an Arsenal mug, of course) when screaming at the Gunners early on Sunday mornings.

Follow my step-by-step photo tutorial below.


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