15 Innings of Intern Bonding at the Ted

The Turner crew took to Turner Field last night for 15 innings worth of intern bonding.

The Turner crew took to Turner Field last night for 15 innings worth of intern bonding.

With Stephen Strasburg and the Nationals coming to town, the NCAA.com interns thought it would be a great Saturday at the ballpark. Eric, Andrew, Danielle, and I left work on Friday and headed to Turner Field to pick up tickets for the group and were anxiously looking at the iffy weather forecast. The next day, the four of us met up with Justin, Christian, and Christian’s friend, Jack, at Techwood to drive over to the ballpark.

Even a steady rain and chilly weather couldn’t deter us as we walked around the stadium before taking our seats. We had such a blast and were dying of laughter from before the national anthem ended until we pulled back into the parking garage at Techwood. We made yokes on yokes, cried from laughing so hard, and it was so great to be able to spend the whole night getting to know each other and bond…even if it took us half an hour to organize a group picture!

None of us are Braves fans, but it didn’t stop us from cheering for the home team. (No worries, no Tomahawk Chops from this girl.) Strasburg was ejected during the second inning, and we ended up seeing Bryce Harper, who was scratched from the lineup, more than the players we actually came to see. We could only laugh that the marquee matchup we’d expected lasted less than two innings. Down two runs with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, Jason Heyward hit a two-run homer to tie it up for the Braves, and the atmosphere was electric.

We were ecstatic to see the game head into extra innings, though no one expected the game to last the full 15 innings it did. After about the 11th inning, we were in it for the long haul, fully prepared to go 20+ innings of baseball, and delirious enough to find the smallest things hilarious. We’ve already got a whole set of inside jokes and had six extra innings of bonding.

Though I didn’t walk in my door until after 1:30am, it was easily the best night I’ve had since moving to Atlanta. Can’t wait to spend more time hanging with this crew!


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