Trivia Night at DaVinci’s Midtown

So how many comets are there, again?

So how many comets are there, again?

You try to take nine sports people out to a trivia night and we would end up finding the one trivia night in all of Atlanta that didn’t have a sports category. Just our luck.

With one last week to fill before starting our night and weekend hours, the interns have been trying to get in as much group bonding as possible. After finding a flyer about DaVinci Pizza’s trivia night, we got everyone on board for a night out. After work on Wednesday, we met up and walked over to DaVinci’s, arriving early to grab two big tables.

We quickly realized we were the youngest people in the place and way out of our league. When the science questions started flying, we knew we were in serious trouble. After severely underestimating how many comets there were in the universe (we guessed 27…), we could only laugh at ourselves and keep trying.

By the time we hit the final round, we knew we were nowhere close to first place. We tried to bet all but one of our points…but with nine journalism grads, our math was never going to be great. So when they announced the final score, you could imagine our shock when we didn’t end up in last place, but with 11 points.

Even with the embarrassing showing we put on, we still couldn’t have had much more fun. We sang along to bad 80s music, laughed incredibly hard, and enjoyed some good company.


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