Atlanta Gooners

Eric, Robbie, and I sported our Gunners gear for the biggest match of the season...and got a huge win for the Arsenal!

Eric, Robbie, and I sported our Gunners gear for the biggest match of the season…and got a huge win for the Arsenal!

I’m a Gooner. There’s never been any doubt about that. But living in London, so close to the Emirates, my love for my favorite footy club, Arsenal FC, only heightened. When I didn’t have a ticket into the match, one of my favorite parts was going to the pub and watching the game with the other diehards, singing, chanting, and cheering as if we were sitting in Clock End.

And then I came home.ย And all the games were watched alone, in front of my television, in my pajamas, with a cuppa tea, early on Saturday mornings.

Shortly before leaving for Atlanta, I found the Twitter account @ArsenalAmerica, which organizes official chapters of Gooners all over the United States. Thankfully, of all places much to my surprise, there was a chapter in Atlanta. Eric, one of the editorial interns, Robbie, one of the multimedia interns, and myself decided we’d check it out for the biggest game of the year, the North London Derby.

The Brewhouse Cafe in Little Five Points is owned by a London transplant and huge AFC supporter. When we walked in at quarter till 11, the place was already packed with tons of Gooners, already singing the songs. If it weren’t for the American accents, I would think I were right back at the Tollington, my favorite Arsenal pub in London. The three of us had such a blast watching a great game with such enthusiastic fans. Who knew we’d find Gooners in Georgia?!

Thankfully, despite a few stressful minutes late in the match, the Gunners pulled out the win over rival Tottenham…and I got to send a few celebratory tweets to my cousin, Stephen, a huge Spurs supporter. North London was red once again!

We’ve definitely found our spot in Atlanta for watching the Gunners! We’ll be back, Brewhouse!


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