Tour Guide Mode 2.0

My first college fair volunteering with the Atlanta chapter of Temple Alumni was so much fun!

My first college fair volunteering with the Atlanta chapter of Temple Alumni was so much fun!

Being a tour guide at Temple was one of my favorite experiences. And when I graduated, I was a little lost without giving tours around Alumni Circle, the Bell Tower, and even J&H.

Moving to Atlanta, I knew I wanted to get involved with the Atlanta Owls, Temple’s alumni chapter based right here in the Peach State. While the admissions counselors were more than happy to put me in touch with them, they had something more in mind for me in my new city: the Atlanta Alumni Ambassador.

My new role would take me to college fairs, prospective student receptions, accepted student receptions, and new student send-offs. I was so excited when the large box arrived on my doorstep, filled with all the familiar admissions materials, the large Temple tablecloth, and my very own nametag. I wasn’t an Owl Ambassador anymore, but I traded up for the cooler title.

With my strange schedule working nights and weekends, I was able to volunteer at tons of events for Admissions and represent Temple, much to my excitement.

My first college fair was at the Lowell School, a private school ITP (inside the perimeter) and though I was so nervous, the nerves dissipated the second I met my first student and was able to slip right into tour guide mode. Barbara, an alum of Fox and a member of the Atlanta Owls board, wanted to welcome me and help me with my first outing.

The next day, I traveled north of Alpharetta, my first trip OTP since moving in, for my second event at the Forsyth County fair. A few different high schools came to the fair and asked so many questions about Temple! I was so excited to share how much I love being an Owl and answering all the questions I could. It certainly wasn’t the same as giving tour, but it was so easy to slip right back into tour guide mode and talk to prospective students!

I still have a few more events scheduled for the fall, and I can’t wait to continue helping Temple Admissions from all the way in Atlanta!

Go Owls!


2 thoughts on “Tour Guide Mode 2.0

  1. snhiggins13 says:

    Thank you so much, Amy! It’s been so much fun to volunteer when things aren’t too busy at! I really am loving my new job with and Atlanta’s been great so far, but I definitely miss you and everyone at the Y! Sending love! Xx

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