Game 162: Phillies v. Braves

I might have been with Braves fans, but no tomahawk chops from this girl! I'll always root for my Phightin' Phils!

I might have been with Braves fans, but no tomahawk chops from this girl! I’ll always root for my Phightin’ Phils!

Growing up, we moved around a lot. And one of the things my dad preached from an early age was that you could never go home again. And he was right. But sometimes, pieces of home can come to you. And on Sunday, the Phillies came to Atlanta for the regular-season finale and I couldn’t have been happier.

Trust me, I love my Phils, but I’m not a delusional Philly phan. I know they’re awful. I knew they weren’t going to make the playoffs. Heck, I knew they weren’t even going to beat the Braves. But somehow, I convinced Christian, Justin, and Robbiethe three multimedia interns–to come with me, and we met at Techwood after we’d each had a 2am finish covering college football the night before heading to Turner Field. It certainly wasn’t going to be the 15 inning marathon ballgame we’d seen a few weeks before at the Ted.

We had incredible seats in section 122R, but definitely had to pay attention, sitting right in foul ball territory. After a rocket line-drive foul ball from Dan Uggla landed two rows in front of us and snapped the iPhone case off a kid’s phone, we were prepared.

I knew it was going to be a rough game for me. When nearly every Brave got a hit and even Gerald Laird, listed perhaps a bit too generously at 225lbs., earned a bunt single, I could only laugh, sit back, and enjoy the official end of summer.

I haven’t seen the Phils at CBP in two seasons, but their visits are always my favorite part of living in a new city. It’s always so much fun to share my hometown boys of summer with new friends. It might not ever be the same watching the Phillies without a tub of crabfries and cheese sauce in my hand, but hey, I’ll take what I can get 900 miles away.

As much as I love my Phillies, it’ll definitely be cool to be living in the A while the Bravos are in the playoffs. I’m still not a fan of #Choptober, but with the Phils out of the postseason…who knows! Maybe we’ll even get a shot to go to a World Series game!

But as Justin pointed out, at least no matter how bad the Phils play, I’ll always have the Tastykake ad in the outfield at Turner Field…right?



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