DIY State String Art

Abby's map of Georgia, pinned at Athens.

This year’s Christmas craft: DIY string art for my family friends. One of my favorite crafts to date!

It wasn’t even Halloween yet, and I’d bought my Christmas tree. All it needed was presents to sit beneath it. Luckily, I knew exactly what I’d wanted to do. I’m never quite satisfied when a craft doesn’t go the way I plan. So when I tried DIY string art for the first time this summer and the results weren’t remotely close to what I envisioned, I knew string art was going to eventually make a reappearance.

Thankfully, this Christmas, I had new friends from all over the country to practice on.

I wanted crafts that we could all use to decorate our new (and first) apartments and ones that reflected our personalities and alma maters. After I made DIY instagram coasters for half the group, I decided to try DIY string art for the others, using school colors to make them as personal as possible.

I was so excited by how well they turned out, I decided to grab more paint, more nails, and more string and makes ones for myself of all the places I’ve lived: Pennsylvania, Texas, England, Colorado, and now Georgia. The colors fit in perfectly with my cherry-and-white apartment and they’re one of my favorite things in my house…except for maybe my cherry-and-white Christmas tree, of course!

I’m so excited to give them to my friends and family…I’m not sure I’m going to be able to wait until our Christmas party! String art is definitely one of my favorite crafts I’ve made to date.

Follow my photo tutorial below for step-by-step instructions.

Merry Christmas!


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