Road to Sochi Tour: Atlanta

Abby and I got to share our US Olympic Team family with our NCAA one at the Road to Sochi Tour.

Abby and I got to share our US Olympic Team family with our NCAA one at the Road to Sochi Tour.

It’s a small world.

Before I started at, I was excited to find one of the interns I’d be working with–Abby Hill–and I had the same internship at the USOC in Colorado Springs, one year apart. Once we met in Georgia, we quickly found out we had much more than a love for the Games in common and became the best of friends.

Olympic fever hits the country for two weeks every two years, but for Abby and I, it’s always Olympic fever, all year long. As soon as we saw Team USA’s domestic kick-off event–The Road to Sochi Tour–was hitting Atlanta, we were quick to email our friends at the USOC to help out in any way we could.

Saturday morning, I met Abby and we headed to Atlantic Station where we were met with hugs from one of our good friends at the USOC, Sam Sieracki. We promised her these below-freezing temperatures were not normal for the ATL and swore up and down it was 75 degrees a few days earlier. After all, it was colder in Atlanta than in both Colorado Springs and Sochi, of all places!

After a tour of the event space and catching up with Sam, Abby and I volunteered to run the luge demonstration station, where kids could experience luging on a sled with wheels down a ramp.

Pushing a 60lb sled all day was terribly exhausting, but totally worth it to see all the kids’ faces as they learned about a new sport and discovered the Olympic spirit we love so much. Abby and I were so thrilled seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces when they reached the bottom of the hill, soaking up every facet of Team USA.

We headed right to work at Techwood and were a little sluggish until our shift ended around 1:30am, but the next morning, I was up at Atlantic Station bright and early for Day 2. Trust me, when you work the night shift, you forfeit being a morning person and doing things at normal hours, so you know I love Team USA for getting up early two consecutive days!

By the end of the weekend, all of our fellow interns had made an appearance or helped volunteer at the event, and Abby and I were so happy to share a small part of our Team USA family with our NCAA family.

When I talked to my dad on Sunday afterwards, the first thing he asked was, “Did you have fun, kid?”

I’m certain he already knew the answer.

Nothing makes me quite as happy as being a Games nerd and sharing that love with other people. It was so wonderful to be reunited with Sam and a small part of our Olympic family for the weekend and it only made me more anxious for the Games to begin. The seven days ’til Sochi can’t come fast enough.



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