Atlanta Temple Alumni and Admissions Brunch

Absolutely in love with my new Temple keychains! Thanks, TU Alumni!

Absolutely in love with my new Temple keychains! Thanks, TU Alumni!

As soon as I knew I would be accepting a job in Atlanta, I quickly emailed all my mentors at Temple to thank them and share the exciting news. Their first move? Connecting me with the Atlanta chapter of Temple Alumni.

After years of accruing random facts about Temple as a tour guide, I quickly began volunteering with the Admissions department at college fairs, helping whenever I could around my night shifts at I stayed in constant communication with Rachel Gionta, one of my favorite Admissions counselors from back home, who ran the Temple Atlanta Admissions Advisory Council.

When she brought up the possibility of a spring trip to Atlanta for a prospective students brunch, I was thrilled. I’d worked for three years in Admissions, meeting with prospective students and their families, and sharing the school I loved so much.

In February, Rachel confirmed the trip and I marked the brunch in my calendar for the day before Selection Sunday — one of our craziest, busiest weekends of the year. After working until 3:30am the night before (er, morning of…?), I woke up a few hours later, drove just outside the perimeter to Brio in Dunwoody, and helped Rachel set up.

After catching up with Rachel, it was so great to reconnect with some of the Temple alums I had already met and meet plenty of new ones, as well. But by far my favorite part was talking with all the prospective students and answering their questions. I was so used to giving the speech, “This is where I want to go and this is how Temple’s helping me do it.” And now, I get to say, “I graduated, I’m doing what I love right out of school, and this is how Temple helped me do it.” It was a great moment of realization for me.

Overall, we had around 40 people attend and it will definitely become a recurring event. It’s comforting to know that while I might not know where I’ll be living on June 28th (hopefully still in Atlanta with Turner Sports!), I’ll have Temple Owls everywhere to make it feel like home.


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