Selection Sunday

Selection Sunday's finally arrived! Can't wait for the Madness to begin!

Selection Sunday’s finally arrived! Can’t wait for the Madness to begin!

Selection Sunday is easily one of my favorite days of the year. There’s something about the Big Dance I just cannot ever get enough of. The teams lacing up their dancing shoes, the Cinderellas at the ball, the moments that give you goosebumps — it’s everything I love about college sports. And for a while, it was all I thought of when I thought of the best of college sports.

But this year’s been a little different.

I began a full-year internship at, working in the editorial department and this year has been full of incredible experiences. While I’ve looked forward to Selection Sunday all year long, I’ve also fallen madly in love with college football, college baseball, and college softball — and it’s made the excitement even greater.

Selection weekend was madness — what most people forget is that the NCAA covers more than basketball and football and baseball. In fact, we had 12 champions crowned in winter sports that weekend alone. We finished work on Saturday night around 3:30am and turned around the next morning to be in the office by noon.

As tired as I was, I was immediately rejuvenated walking into Techwood, seeing everyone else as excited as I should have been…the box of doughnuts certainly helped!

After a morning full of working up leftover stories from the night before, with each passing hour, the room grew quieter and quieter as the anticipation built. As 6pm approached and the last conference title games wrapped up, everyone manned their stations as the NCAA delivered the brackets and we settled in to watch the selections revealed to the rest of the country.

One of the most fun parts of the night was finally writing the names in the giant wall-sized bracket we’d placed on the windows a few days earlier. With only one off day before the First Four gets underway, it was going to be a busy, rushed few days, but I can’t wait for all the excitement of the Big Dance.

We’re lacing up our dancing shoes and ready to go!


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