Bows & Baseballs

Finished just in time for Opening Day -- my DIY baseball wreath!

Finished just in time for Opening Day — my DIY baseball wreath.

The boys of summer are back. There’s something special about the smell of summer nights, the look of pinstripe pants, and the sound of the crack of the bat I’ve been addicted to since I was a little girl. I love the ballparks, the hot dogs,  the fans, belting Take Me Out to the Ballgame in the 7th-inning stretch, the thrilling plays, and the gems on that diamond full of dirt.

I love sitting in the grandstands with the sun on my face as much as the cool night breeze. I love baseball in March, baseball in July, baseball in October.

And — finally — it’s Opening Day and the magic’s back.

After scouring Etsy for ideas for a spring-themed wreath, I found an idea I just couldn’t pass up — a wreath made of baseballs with my favorite team’s logo in the middle. I wasn’t in love with the lop-sided, lumpy look of the 11-baseball wreath, so I found another online — made of 14 baseballs — that seemed more even and more of the size I was looking for.

I picked up a pack of baseballs and some ribbon at Walmart and used two coat hangers I had laying around my house. I untwisted the hanger and bent it into a circle, looping one end to keep the baseballs from sliding. I then drilled holes through each baseball before sliding it onto the wire.

When I had finished adding all the baseballs, I looped the last of the wire through the original loop and fixed the box to that loop with a twist-tie.

The wire I used was too flimsy, so the wreath ended up lop-sided and like an oval — exactly the look I was trying to avoid.  To fix this, I added a second hanger, attaching it to the wire two baseballs from the loop on either side, which helped balance the weight — 14 baseballs are pretty heavy, after all.

Eventually, I’ll add the Phillies logo to the center of the wreath, but for now, I just wanted to get it up on the door in time for first pitch.


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