March Prankness

Love the toast lines! So tricky!

Love the toast lines! So tricky!

As much as I’d like to consider myself a comedian and prankster, the truth is, I’m not very funny.

An addict of BuzzFeed, I stumbled upon one of their articles highlighting April Fool’s pranks to play on your children. I figured I may not be funny — but I could certainly handle dishing out a prank meant for a child. After the first suggestion, I had found my prank — pound cake disguised as grilled cheese.

Every Sunday — the day the greatest number of our interns potentially have off — we get together at one person’s house to hang out, make dinner, and watch football or our favorite shows. With March Madness in full swings, our parties have been put on hiatus for a few weeks now, and while we all make a point to visit with each other at work every day, it still feels like it’s been forever. But with a break in action between the Elite Eight this weekend and the Final Four next weekend, we knew we would have enough time to get together and watch the season finale of The Walking Dead, one of our favorite shows to watch as a group.

And that — with April Fool’s only three days away — would be the perfect time to make my move.

I trekked to Publix, picked up an Entenmann’s pound cake and sliced it to look like bread. I then threw it on the George Foreman to give it lines like toast, cut it into triangles, and layered some dyed icing on it. Voici! Grilled cheese.

I’m not very good at keeping my mouth shut, so I was worried about walking into Justin’s house with my prank in tow. I wasn’t even sure if anyone would go for the grilled cheese and Justin had just eaten, but I insisted. When he finally caved, he stared at it for a minute, and asked what kind of cheese I had used. Laughing, I said it was American, and barely let him take a bite before yelling, “April Fool’s!”

It was definitely the most Sarah-style prank that could have been pulled, but can’t complain about a prank that leaves you with lots of cake!


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