2Jun2014I’ve traveled a lot of this country. I’ve seen a lot of states. I’ve put a lot of miles on my belt.

But I’ve never taken a road trip quite like this.

Nearly nine months ago, my coworkers and I sat on the balcony as the last of the long Atlanta summer slipped away and dreamed up #OmahaOrBust — the ultimate road trip from Atlanta to college baseball’s marquee event, the College World Series.

It awakened the little kid in all of us — the one who wants to spend the summer, driving across the country with his dad to watch baseball.

Ten days ago, I left Georgia and drove across the South to Austin, Texas, to see the Longhorns host the Austin Super Regional. From there, I hopped back in my rented, cherry Honda Civic and put on a few more miles through the Midwest to Omaha.

I get to stop along the way wherever I want. I get to visit colleges I’d only dreamed of. I get to see landmarks I never thought could exist. And I get to see the game that ties this country together.

Best of all?

And I get to call all of this “work,” and do it all over again the next day.

With #OmahaOrBust, we’re using our iPhones to tell stories. We’re sharing 140-character moments through Twitter. We’re talking to fans via social media who want to do what we’re doing, who have become followers of not just our handles, but of our experiences.

My job these next few weeks lets us meld the best of both worlds. We get to be fans and have the experiences we’re usually removing ourselves from as journalists. And then we get to put the press credential around our neck and write about it.

I tell everyone that it feels like cheating — there’s no way driving across the country to watch baseball can be a real job.

But it is.

And I couldn’t love it more.


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