#RoadToOmaha — ATL to ATX

Home sweet home. Texas forever.

I’ve lived in a lot of places, but going back to Texas for the Austin Super Regional was pretty special. #TexasForever

As I put my duffel bag in the back of my car and threw my backpack in the front seat, I, for the first time in my life, hopped in the car with no idea where the next few thousand miles would take me.

I’m one for plans, for itineraries, for rules.

Heck, I even went to Disney World at 17-years-old with a binder of hour-by-hour plans, emergency info, tips, and maps.

Yep. I’m that girl.

So throw me in the car, tell me I have so many hours to get there, and that I should stop at as many interesting places as I find along the way — well, spontaneity’s not my strong suit.

But the #RoadToOmaha called. And #OmahaOrBust wasn’t about getting from point A to point B — it was about being the fan.

And so, with two days to get from Atlanta to Austin, I took my boss’ only advice. “Make people jealous,” he told us, “that they aren’t on this trip with you.”

And I did just that.

After stopping at Talladega, I made my way through Alabama on my way to Tuscaloosa. I must say, I’ve never felt more Southern than belting “Sweet Home Alabama” at an embarrassingly loud volume…

I spent the night at Duck Dynasty HQ in West Monroe, Louisiana and after a short rest, I got lost on backroads in Louisiana trying to find the Bonnie and Clyde ambush site. Trust me, True Detective wasn’t far off — it’s a miracle Bonnie and Clyde were ever found in those remote stretches of bayou.

Before I knew it, I was back in Texas, the state I spent ten years of my childhood in. My first stop in Texas was Texas A&M, where I stumbled upon the Aggie Bonfire Memorial. Growing up in Houston, I vividly remember the night the bonfire collapsed in 1999 and 12 Aggies were killed. Fifteen years later, I was able to visit the memorial and it was one of the moments I’ll remember most from the roadtrip.

Another hour later, I made it to Austin, site of the Longhorns’ Austin Super Regional. Leg one of the Road to Omaha — check!


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