#RoadToOmaha — Austin Super Regional

Waiting for the bats might have been fruitless, but it sure was the most gorgeous site on the #RoadToOmaha.

Waiting for the bats in Austin might have been fruitless, but it sure was the most gorgeous site on the #RoadToOmaha.

I’ve heard a lot about Austin over the years.

My dad’s raved for 20 years about the bats under the Congress Street Bridge, work’s raved about the baseball, Abby’s fiance, Nathan, raved about the food, and, well, I already knew about the heat.

It is Texas, after all.

After a long two days on the #RoadToOmaha, I had one very important stop to make — the Austin Super Regional to see who would win the College World Series berth and be following me to the mecca of college baseball.

My first night in Austin, I wandered downtown to check out the Texas State Capitol building and found a very different crowd — XGames Austin had taken over the Capitol’s steps with a giant halfpipe. After taking in the vibrancy of the city, I headed to El Chilito, home of the best queso I’ve ever tasted (thanks for the suggestion, BuzzFeed!) before going back to the hotel to do some more homework.

The next day, I was excited to head over to UFCU Disch-Falk Field and pick up my credential. I spent a few hours wandering around UT’s picturesque campus before heading over to the stadium for the first round in the Battle for Texas between Texas and Houston.

After meeting some excited Houston fans, Texas took the first game, and I witnessed my first Augie Garrido press conference — a smart, funny man, with more than a few quotes not fit for print. I then took the night to check out the bats I’d heard about for 20 years and found the perfect seat on the Boardwalk, only to find that the bats I so desperately hoped to see didn’t fly.

The next day, I talked to some of the teams’ smallest fans and the Longhorns clinched their CWS berth behind fans throwing up the horns and chanting, “O-mah-a! O-mah-a!”

My last day in Austin, I stopped at the UT bookstore to pick up presents for my siblings and ran into two huge Longhorns fans, who’d be following me up to Omaha a few days later. I then had one of the best burgers in the Lone Star State at Hopdoddy — a must-do on Nathan Nerswick’s Austin Checklist. A final sunset walk around the city and soak it all in was a must before hitting the next leg on the #RoadToOmaha.


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