CWS Opening Ceremonies

See anyone familiar? I got to walk onto the field with Texas during the CWS Opening Ceremonies.

See anyone familiar? I got to walk onto the field with Texas during the CWS Opening Ceremonies.

I love Opening Ceremonies.

Any Opening Ceremonies.

Okay, well, mostly the Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies, but you know, throw the CWS into that now, too.

And as soon as we got our credentials and saw the College World Series had an Opening Ceremony after Media Day, well, there was no way we were missing that.

So after grabbing dinner at the Diner, Abby and I drove to the ballpark and checked out the Fan Fest before meeting up with our teams — Texas and TCU — who were kind enough to let us document their evening. Fan Fest was one of the most unique experiences — you almost forgot these players would soon be taking the field against each other. They were interacting with fans and with each other, soaking in all of Omaha.

I was paired with Texas, whom I already knew well from spending time in Austin with them at the Super Regional. As we walked into the tunnel and the gate closed behind us, the anticipation grew — and I certainly wasn’t immune to it. I talked to all the Longhorns who were most excited to walk out onto the field, where they knew they’d be receiving motivating, resounding boos.

The moment the curtain opened and we paraded out was quite magical. As we walked across the field, the Longhorns, taking pictures and video with iPhones and GoPros, were indeed met with boos, but the moment didn’t lose its luster.

I took my spot behind the Longhorns as Abby walked out behind me with the Horned Frogs. After parachuters carried in the flags of each of the eight teams and a few dignitaries gave their speeches, we had the grand finale — fireworks.

And just like that, it was time to play ball.

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