When Abby Hill walked into NCAA.com two weeks after the rest of the intern class last August, her reputation already preceded her. She and I had held the same position at Team USA just one year apart and we somehow now found ourselves sharing a cubicle. Exactly one year later, she and I would have shared a lot more than a cubicle — and now I was sharing in my best friend’s wedding day.

I’d only been hearing about this wedding for a year and it became a thing of certainty in my very unstable future — I always knew where I was going to be on August 2nd.

I’ve seen many of my cousins get married, but for the first time, one of my friends would be walking down the aisle. I’d spent more time in the past year with Ab than with anyone else, and we all absolutely loved her fiancé, Nathan. She’d planned nearly the entire wedding from the 8th floor of our Techwood office, letting me share in every detail. In an exciting summer, there was nothing I was looking forward to more.

After three hours of side-splitting, screeching sing-alongs, Andrew and I made it to Ringgold, Georgia, for the ceremony. Not a seat in the church was open — so many people had come to see Abby and Nate tie the knot. We didn’t know many people, but Andrew’s comical commentary made the traditional ceremony even greater. In one of the most tender moments, Nathan choked up delivering his vows, and the look on the joy on their faces was palpable as they walked back up the aisle. But after a year together, my best friends knew me too well. Ab’s first question after the ceremony to Andrew — “How badly did Higgins cry?”

Afterward, we drove the quick half hour across the border into Tennessee for their reception. Ab and Nate had chosen Church on Main in Chattanooga. It was so quintessentially them, rustic and elegant. Everyone was so fun, so happy, so welcoming, and I really couldn’t have been happier to be a part of their special day. After dinner, dancing, and doughnuts, it was time to head back down to Atlanta with smiles permanently etched on our faces.

Congrats, #TeamNerswick. Love you both.


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