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Sarah loves to laugh too hard, cuddle with her dog, watch Elf all year long, eat cases of Tastykakes, watch every television show known to man, and fight tooth and nail that Temple’s colors are indeed “cherry and white.” She constantly finds new ways to annoy her best friends with her awful jokes, absurd pronunciation of words, and excessive use of exclamation points.

Yes, she thinks she’s funny. No, she’s really not.

In August 2013, Sarah moved to Atlanta to complete a year-long, postgraduate internship at Turner Sports as an editorial intern for NCAA.com. During her time in Georgia, she begrudgingly watched the Braves, added more sugar to her sweet tea, hiked (way down yonder) on the Chattahoochee, and chased zombies from The Walking Dead.

A Temple alum, Sarah graduated in December of 2012 with an owl-standing degree in journalism. (Get it? Owl-standing? Temple’s mascot is an Owl. You weren’t paying attention earlier, were you? I warned you about the lame jokes.)

Sarah studied abroad in London, England, in the Autumn of 2011 and was the only person disappointed the NFL season did not get locked out. As an intern at Golf Monthly magazine, she developed an affinity for tea, the Tube, and testing the patience of her family with her new slang.

As soon as she unpacked from England, Sarah packed up again, moving 1,700 miles in the opposite direction to Colorado Springs, Colorado. She lived at the Olympic Training Center as the digital media intern for the United States Olympic Committee, covering the 2012 London Games on TeamUSA.org. She hiked her first fourteener, saw Peyton Manning’s first game as a Bronco, ran ten 5Ks, ate way too much McDonald’s ice cream in the dining hall, and barely slept while watching her friends on Team USA compete in London.

She was selected as the Class of 2012 Commencement speaker for the School of Media and Communication — but kept it a secret from her family until they saw her up on stage. (If that video ever makes its way to YouTube one day, it’s hilarious.)

Sarah now lives back in Colorado Springs, working as Team USA’s digital media coordinator. She now spends her time hiking, watching her favorite teams from half a country away, traveling across the world, growing her Olympics nerdiness, being a professional storyteller, and spending her time deciding what item of her bucket list to cross off next.


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